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How to Set a Realistic Retirement Savings Goal

These strategies will motivate you to keep saving throughout the year.

It's intimidating to realize that you might need to save $1 million or more in order to fund a comfortable retirement. A large retirement savings goal can feel unreachable and reduce your motivation to save every month. ...
Mar 29

The job hunting tips no one tells you about

Looking beyond job sites and picking up the phone are some of the ways you can compete in a tough job market
Landing the perfect new job is always challenging, so it’s not surprising that candidates scour the internet for hints and tips. ...
Mar 24

Millennials Don’t Need Special Treatment At Work

It seems a lot of managers and business leaders believe they have a ‘millennial problem’ and are scratching their heads over how to incorporate this generation into the workplace.
Perhaps the bigger problem is approaching millennials as if they were a monolithic group with uniform needs and desires. ...
Mar 13

A Feminist Icon For The Workplace

Mary Tyler Moore may not mean much, if anything, to millennials, all of whom were born after her TV show went off the air in 1977, but to dinosaur women, that show meant a lot and still does. Many, if not all of us, single women in the 1970s stayed in on Saturday nights to watch the thirty-minute show, which first aired in the fall of 1970. ...
Mar 7

Brand Yourself for Career Stability

Answer the right questions to define your skills and interests.

Wouldn't you love to have someone approach you and ask if you would like to work for their company? That can't happen if you are a well-kept secret.


In the simplest of terms, a brand is a recognized name. ...
Mar 2

Employees seem less sick, more productive in 'green' workplaces

Dive Brief:

Harvard University and SUNY Upstate Medical University led a series of studies showing that employees in green-certified buildings were healthier, happier and functioned better mentally, reports SHRM. The study surveyed 109 office workers in five cities nationwide. ...
Feb 20

The Dos & Don'ts of Office Romance: How to Keep It Professional When You Start Dating Your Coworker

DO know the specifics of your company's interoffice dating policy.
Make a point to familiarize yourself with any written policies your company's human resources department might have on file. "Be very clear about what you're putting at risk," advises Kimberly Yorio, coauthor of The Girl's Guide to Kicking Your Career Into Gear. ...
Feb 14

This Woman Was Sent Home from Work for Not Wearing High Heels. She Fought Back.

Nicola Thorp made headlines last year when she was sent home for wearing flats to work. Thorp, then a temp worker, was employed by Portico, an agency that sent her to work at PriceWaterhouseCoopers’ London offices. Portico’s dress code policy at the time, unrelated to PwC, required women to wear heels of between 2 to 4 inches. ...
Feb 9

Love To Tinker? 3 Unique Careers That Let You Work With Your Hands

There are some people who like working in an office setting and some people who enjoy staying busy with their hands. A job working with the hands often makes the day go by faster as you always have something to do with most careers. It also gives you a change to explore the creativity that you have instead of working with a computer or documents all day. ...
Feb 1

7 Ways to Find Your Perfect Job

Of all the questions asked, answered, and fretted about during the dating game between job seeker and employer, applicants often forget one that should be directed at themselves: Is this opportunity a good fit? Figuring that out is less science, more art, says Reesa Staten, director of workplace research for staffing firm Robert Half International. ...
Jan 23