4 Careers That Are Both Fulfilling And Pay The Bills


The vast majority of people spend most of their waking hours at their job. The key to happiness is to find a job that translates into a career that is both fulfilling and can afford a comfortable lifestyle. Following are 4 careers that are both satisfying and have a decent potential salary.


Nurse Practitioner


Nurse practitioners (NPs) are very similar to physicians in their ability to care for patients. They are able to diagnose and treat patients, order and analyze lab tests, prescribe medications, and more. In fact, NPs are actually able to do about 80-90% of what doctors do. Some states allow NPs to work independently without physician supervision while other states require that NPs work in tandem with doctors.


Most NPs start their career as registered nurses, then go on to complete a graduate degree in nursing. NPs are not required to complete as much education as physicians, nor are they required to complete any time in a residency program. However, they are required to complete a certification exam and participate in ongoing continuing education to stay certified.


The salary for NPs is very competitive with the top 25% making 6 figures. In addition, this field is predicted to grow in the future, making job prospects very promising indeed.


Rehabilitation Counselor


Another fulfilling career in the healthcare industry is a rehabilitation counselor. In this career, counselors work with people who have disabilities and help them to live independent lives. People with physical, mental, emotional, or developmental disabilities face unique challenges trying to find employment and a living situation that can accommodate their individual needs.


Rehabilitation counselors have a variety of responsibilities. Some of their duties include helping their clients adjust to their limitations, help them obtain necessary services and training, develop treatment plans, and much more. Education for rehabilitation counselors generally include advanced degrees like this masters in rehabilitation counseling online.




Accounting is a great profession for people who enjoy working with numbers. Accountants are needed in every aspect of business, from nonprofit government entities to large Fortune 500 companies. Accountants can work completely independently for a small company or be part of a large department. Within the field of accounting, there are many different specialties as well, including tax, audit, cash management, budget forecasting, and more.


While some accounting jobs only require an associate degree, the better paying jobs require a bachelor degree and some even look for a master's degree. The certification process includes passing a national Certified Public Accountant exam (CPA). There are several other certifications that are available for accountants that will make career advancement easier and increase the potential annual pay. Salaries for accountants can top out in the 6 figures.


Environmental Engineer


Environmental engineers are able to make plenty of money and help save the earth at the same time. Actually, an environmental engineer's job is much more complicated than just being an environmentalist. They use their engineering background to prevent and control damage to the environment, working with both federal and state regulations. They can work with issues such as hazardous waste disposal, air and water pollution, erosion, and much more.


Education starts with a minimum of a bachelor's degree in engineering. The environmental engineers who are more interested in research generally need a master's degree. Salaries can easily extend into the 6 figures depending on education and experience.


The best careers are the ones that not only afford a decent lifestyle, but also offer work that is both fulfilling and satisfying. The final piece of the career puzzle is to find something that allows you to have a good balance between work and leisure time while keeping the stress manageable. There are many careers that fit that description. The bottom line is to find a career that you enjoy.


By: Emma Sturgis