Social Media Expert? 4 Ideas That Will Really Vamp Up Your Online Portfolio


In the past several years, the market for social media marketing experts has grown larger and larger. This same phenomenon, however, has also made that market far more competitive for those who are actually working in it. Here are four great ways you can beef up your social media marketing portfolio and make yourself stand out above your competition.


Include Client References and Reviews


In an age in which everyone is being marketed to constantly, simply informing people of your service isn't enough. Social proof, or evidence that other people have already tried, enjoyed and profited from your service, is as crucial in your portfolio as it is in a campaign. Ask your current clients to write reviews of your work so that you can display them in your portfolio. If you don’t have specific clients that you can ask, then it might be a good idea to ask your current and past employers to review you as an employee on your personal site.


Show Real Campaigns


Too many social media marketers create sample campaign materials intended to show off their skills to prospective clients. However, a real campaign with real data behind it is much more valuable. Create a campaign, run it and record all of the relevant data about it for use in your portfolio. Screenshots can be a great way to show your clients and/or future employers that the campaign you're showing them was really live and that the results you report are accurate.


Make Your Portfolio Visually Appealing


Aside from just the information in your portfolio, its layout and presentation need to appeal to potential clients. Add infographics, visuals, pictures and professional layout templates to the pages of your online portfolio to make it more engaging and appealing visually. You can also make videos on YouTube and have them embedded on your site. Just make sure that they are of high quality. You don’t want anything but the best to represent you on your personal portfolio. If you can master a pro coloration software, such as Color Grading Central, you can make your visuals look amazing on the page and pop out to any potential visitors.


Show That You Know Multiple Platforms


Too many social media marketers are only experts in Facebook and Twitter. While these are important platforms, one of the best ways to set yourself apart from the crowd is to demonstrate you know how to market your customers' products on every social media platform. Instagram and YouTube, in particular, are important platforms that fewer marketers know how to use to their fullest extent. If you can make generate traffic, leads and sales from these platforms, you can set yourself ahead of many of your competitors. Collect various statistics from each platform of how well you have done at generating traffic over the past year. Then, create infographics to represent that information and put it on your site.


Beating the competition in the modern social media marketing industry is hard, but with a great portfolio, you can convince clients to choose you over your peers. Make sure you aren't just offering the same thing every other social media marketer has to offer, and you will be able to succeed in snagging new paying clients.


By: Hannah Whittenly


Hannah / Freelance Writer