7 simple burnout remedies to try all week


While it may feel like quitting your job and running away from your relationship, and your family, and whatever else is stressing you out, might be the only solution, is the only solution, there are some simple ways to counter burnout.


The first step is taking care of yourself — both mentally and physically.


“Having purpose and meaning in life” protects people from burnout, says Bilder. But he also adds that getting the proper amount of sleep, eating well, and exercising can help cure burnout.


Sood provides a remedy for burnout that begins with developing emotional resilience and participating in a mind-body task, such as yoga, meditation, or martial arts.


While finding a mind-body practice may be easy, becoming emotionally strong can prove elusive for many. To that end, Sood created a plan that helps people develop emotional resilience by focusing on a daily purpose.


He suggests a weekly regimen that looks something like this.


Monday: Feel gratitude


Feeling grateful helps people refocus on the positive. As an example, Sood mentions the Monday he and his wife took their daughter to a doctor to be treated for an infection. Rather than being stressed or upset, they chose to feel grateful for the antibiotics that cured her.


Tuesday: Be compassionate


Practice compassion toward that annoying coworker, or your bratty teen — or yourself.


Wednesday: Try acceptance


Work with what you face in life and accept what can’t be changed.


Thursday: Focus on higher meaning


Pursue ways of making the world a little happier.


Friday: Forgive


Give a pass to all the people who angered you.


Saturday: Celebrate


Enough said.


Sunday: Reflect


Think about the past week and consider the upcoming one.



by Meghan Holohan

Source: today.com